Have you ever thought about your house smell? At its crux, your house smell is another form of signature scent—maybe it’s a combination of cleaning products and your roommate’s natural musk, or maybe it’s $40 and comes with a wick trimmer. Who’s to say! All I know for sure is that if you decide you want to change your house smell, you have to go into it prepared. Not all candles go together, is a thing I found out recently—and burning one in the foyer and another in the living room is a quick recipe for nausea if you haven’t given the pairing a solid thinking through. Smell travels, folks. It travels. So, I’ve made it easy for you—seven can’t-go-wrong candle recipes for when the nights are longer and the days, chillier. Sometimes it’s about balance… other times it’s about compatibility. But it’s always about burning multiple candles at once for maximum coziness.